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Get involved with the LTHS PTC and help make difference in student experiences every day.

Learn about LT!  PTC is a great opportunity to learn more about the valuable programs and administration of LTHS and help make a difference in the school and extracurricular experience of the student. Being a part of the PTC Board gives you the opportunity to get involved in a meaningful way. 

Easy volunteer commitment! The PTC meets fives times a year at 7 p.m. in the South Campus, room D103. Board members are busy parents, like you. Most work FT and have full schedules at work and home. The PTC Board recognizes our busy lives and works efficiently throughout the year to minimize your time commitment.

Reach out! If you are interested in any of the opportunities please contact the PTC Board President by emailing us through the "Contact Us" tab above.



President FILLED

Prepare meeting agenda, lead PTC meetings and activities throughout the year. Work with committee chairs to support their roles. Work with LT administrators on initiatives that support PTC mission, such as Red Ribbon Week and other community affairs. Serve as ambassador at PTC-sponsored activities when possible. Serve as liaison to other LT organizations.

Vice President FILLED

Work with President on all responsibilities and fill in for President in any absence. Ideally, this officer will move to President the following year.


Secretary FILLED

Maintain and distribute meeting minutes and send cards as needed throughout the year. Work with printer on school directory and manage order placement in August.


Treasurer OPEN

Manage PTC finances, including income and expenses and writing checks, for PTC-sponsored activities. Work with President and Vice President to review grant requests. Work with LT Business Office on Rev Trak purchases.


​The following committees will also need volunteers to help support the chair in their roles. Committee members will have significantly less time commitments.


Fundraising Chair OPEN 

  • Arrange and implement creative, easy and fun ways to support the PTC goals to fund student activities, clubs, scholarships and more.Work with Booster Club on annual Trivia Night (February).

  • ​Time commitment: about 25-30  hours total for the year.


Membership/Registration Chair OPEN

  • Support membership activities. Coordinate activities during LT registration week, Co-Curricular Night (September) and Future Freshman Night (January), including staffing PTC table with member materials, calendar sales and volunteer sign up.

  • Time commitment: approximately 8-10 hours total at the beginning of the school year.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Coordinator FILLED

  • Work with LT culinary teacher to plan event menu for bus drivers (October) and teacher/staff (May) appreciation luncheons. Prepare invitations and attend luncheons.

  • Time commitment: Approximately 3-4 hours total for the year.

Volunteer Coordinator OPEN

  • Maintain volunteer database via Sign Up Genius and create volunteer sign up events for PTC-sponsored activities, such as Registration Week, Homecoming Dance chaperones, Co-Curricular Night, Future Freshman Night, Spring Art Show and Post Prom chaperones.

  • Time commitment: Approximately 25-30 hours per year. 

Website Manager FILLED

  • Keep our website up-to-date and work with LT webmaster to maintain PTC landing pages on Update with changes as needed throughout the year.

  • Time commitment: approximately 10-20 hours per year.


Post Prom Committee Chair OPEN for next year

  • Post Prom Chair: Help organize the Post Prom event at Navy Pier. Duties include working with a committee to provide fundraising, publicity, mailings, accounting, sponsorships and chaperones.

    • Time commitment: Approximately 30 hours per year.

  • Post-Prom Auction Chair: Manage auction items and run auction website. 

    • Time commitment: 2-3 hours per month in the fall and approximately 5 hours per month in the spring, except for May.

Parent Community Network Committee Chair OPEN

  • Help organize and implement educational seminars and meetings for the parent community.

  • Time commitment: Approximately 20-30 hours per year.

Trivia Night Chair OPEN for next year

  • Work with Boosters to find and secure sponsors.

  • Approximately 15-20 hours per year.




Homecoming Chaperone: Chaperone the homecoming dance.

Membership Volunteer: Man the PTC Membership tables for a 2 hour shift during book pick up or another event to pass out calendar/directories and sell memberships.

Post Prom Chaperone: Chaperone the Post prom event. Is a late 5 hour late night shift.



The LTHS Parent Teacher Council encourages parents to get involved in PTC activities. There are several ways parents can get involved:

Interested?  Email today!

  1. Attend PTC board meetings.

  2. Volunteer to serve on the PTC Board.

  3. Volunteer to chair a PTC committee.

  4. Volunteer to help on a committee. Serving on a committee is a great way to way to meet other parents while participating in your student's high school activities.

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